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The Appalachian State Men’s Golf Team Share Injury Stories

Madison Callstrom-

Coach Bo Redman

Bo Redman, the men’s golf head coach, along with four players discussed injury stories at the start of the season press conference. Redman stated, “We work alot with the training staff particularly Taylor Young. One of the keys to not getting injured is to properly warm up which is hard for us because we have to come all the way down the mountain and we only get about nine holes to warm up at best.” He stresses finding time to warm up before a game despite time limitations to avoid injury by hitting some balls and stretching out.

Chance Watson, junior, said, “I actually just had shoulder surgery last December. I had a torn labrum. Shoulder and lower back are definitely main issues in golf.” It was a long and crucial rehab. It took about six to eight months to heal. The doctors took Watson’s labrum and tied it back up so that it could heal. The surgery made Watson’s spine tighter and shorter. However, he eventually healed after the season long medical leave.

Chance Watson

The other players expressed common pains that they and other golfers have experienced. Alex Burris, junior, said, “Probably elbow and lower body injuries are the worst for golfers. Sometimes you might pop an elbow and shoulders can be pretty bad. I actually have some golfer’s elbow.” Chance Watson, junior, said, “I think lower back is actually the worst for golfers because of how often we twist that part of our body when we swing in that same direction. I actually have a lot of pressure on my lower back.”

Tripp Summerlin, sophomore, paused before answering because to the amusement of his teammates, he has never been injured.

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