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Racial Issues In Sports

Hannah Moseley-

Racial issues in society are on-going and athletes have no problem with voicing their opinions and making public statements.

The past few years have been filled with many instances of racial injustices in American society. Many people speak their minds on social media outlets and protests, and professional athletes are right there beside them.

The most well-known form of standing up for racial injustice is Colin Kaepernick. He started the trend in 2016 of kneeling during the national anthem before games. His team mate, Eric Reid, also followed along in the demonstration.

According to the New York Times, Reid explained that they decided to use their platform as NFL athletes to speak for those who are voiceless.

These demonstrations caused a great deal of controversy within the media. President Trump tweeted and demanded that all athletes should stand for the anthem, but his demands were ignored.

After many instances of police shooting unarmed black men, many NBA players and teams let the world know their stance on the situation.

Huge names like Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and Derrick Rose all wore t-shirts during warmups with the words “I can’t breathe” written across the front. The athletes were showing that they are not accepting the continual violence against black Americans.

The athletes are not alone in their fight for justice. Bleacher Report told of Detroit Pistons coach, Stan Van Gundy, saying that athletes who protest during the national anthem and call attention to social injustice are “brave and patriotic.” Gundy also added that he stands with these athletes who protest.

In more recent news, the Golden State Warriors decided to not visit the White House, but to visit the National Museum of African-American History and Culture with students in Washington, D.C instead.

A very obvious form of protest, interviewed the Warrior’s prized Stephen Curry where he explained that going to the museum offered the team a better use of their time than meeting with Trump whose policies they do not agree with.

Curry also said ‘"Rhetoric and hate and just general disdain from the top, trying to be divisive and what not, has had the opposite reaction from what it intended. We’ve done our part, I think, to try to further that message.”

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