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Physical Therapy

Caroline Lubinsky-

Ortho Carolina Rehab is an important step in the right direction after a surgery or major injury. Just ask Allison Holbrooks, an Ortho Carolina Patient who tore both of her patella tendons playing soccer.

“I went two times a week for two years,” Holbrooks said, referencing her time in physical therapy.

Holbrooks said how grueling the entire process was on her, as she had two separate surgeries to correct her knees. Physical therapy was an important part in her recovery process to be able to move with ease again.

Just when she was getting close to recovery with the first knee, the process got repeated all over again with her second knee.

Patience was a virtue she soon learned she must possess to get through her through these hard times. Holbrooks credits her physical therapists for being her “cheerleaders” and for pushing her through the pain- both mentally and physically.

“I like getting people better. I like getting people back to the level they need to be at. I just enjoy helping people,” a physical therapist from Ortho Carolina, Scott, said.

To be a physical therapist, one must really love helping people recover in all realms to be back where they were before the surgery or injury occurred.

Holbrooks referenced how difficult it was to stay engaged with the process since it was so long and very easy to get discouraged.

“My recovery process was long and aggravating. Movements were extremely difficult and painful. It took a long time to get that motion back,” Holbrooks said.

Ortho Carolina Physical therapist, Scott, is used to treating athletes and students like Holbrooks.

He is sure to push his patient to the limits, but not without a purpose and some encouragement along the way.

It is important to him for his patients to be back at a level they once enjoyed, whether that is through sports or day to day activity.

“This job is a perfect fit for me. It combines things I enjoy like helping people get back to where they were and my interest in how the body works,” Scott said in his interview.

Holbrooks has some wise words to share with anyone who is or will be going through physical therapy soon:

“The progress will come sooner than you think. If you stay focused on each exercise and do everything one rep at a time, the end will come quickly with the help of some great physical therapists.”

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